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Wo We Are 3 Easy Steps Patented Construction

Supa Doors: prestigious, high end quality at affordable prices.

Elegance, craftsmanship and depend-ability are why Supa Doors leads the way in supplying quality MDF doors to prestigious developments and homes throughout the United States. Supa Doors are the most tried and tested MDF doors used in upscale projects. Thousands of our doors, from Florida to Las Vegas and from New York to Dallas, and in various countries around the world, serve as daily examples to our superior quality and durability.

Building a custom door to meet your specifications is easier than you think. First, choose the general look from dozens of designs (or create your own look), select a sticking from our multiple options, and then simply choose a panel and voilà!

Step 1 -
 Choose Your General Design
Step 2 -
 Choose Your Sticking            
Step 3 -
 Choose Your Panel

Door Map

This unique process creates stile and rail constructed doors where every piece of the door is laminated to each other simultaneously, creating a continuous lamination. This process ensures that there are no weak joints where the stiles meet the rails. There is no other door that is made this way.
U.S. Patent #: 5771656

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